Sieben Jahre, sieben Tage

Not every Sunday is an Eastern Sunday, isn’t it?
But today it is one. The sun is shinig (at least here in Munich), the birds are singing, much nicer than me, and the tulips in the garden are showing their leaves.

Before I see them all in the church, I would like to wish all my friends and fans from my German neighborhood, (for the case they decide to stay at home and visit my page instead, a nice, optimistic feeling for the whole day)
I am doing it, with one of my songs (“Sieben Jahre, sieben Tage”), which, I believe, reminds us of something, we should not forget: the feeling of proportion.

Sieben Jahre, sieben Tage

Your German is kind of rusty? No problem! I wrote this song also in English (“Seven Days, Seven Years”) and in Russian (“Семь дней и семь лет”). One beautiful Sunday these Versions will land on youtube as well. You just need to wait a little bit, or… If you are not that patient – you are welcome to hear them right now here or here.

You want more songs of mine? You will get more!
Every Sunday – I put one of my Singing Dreams on youtube.
In all of my favourite languages – in English, in German, in Russian, in French…
Just for you…
Follow them, if you like…
Or like them, if you follow

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