V drugom krayu…

What is that?! Does it sound Chinese to you? Well… If so – you definitely never had a Russian Grandmother, like I did. A fantastic person, babushka Shura, who I have my Russian from.
On April 1,2016 she would have become 100 years old. Babushka Shura missed just 3 years to celebrate this anniversary.
Refusing to believe she is no longer there I prepared a little present for her, and hope she may still hear and like it: this new album of mine called – “Snova Lyublyu” (“I Love again”). All in Russian of course – so she, and all my Russian-speaking friends and fans (there are some) – whereever they are now – in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Latvia, USA, Canada, Israel or elsewhere – can easily understand it.
“V drugom krayu” which means “Elsewhere” is the name of just one song from this album.
Want to hear it? So just the arrow below.


No, you don’t need to learn Russian – to understand what this song is about.
I wrote it also in other languages. In English you can hear it here and in German here.

You want more songs of mine? You will get more!
Every Sunday – I put one of my Singing Dreams on youtube.
In all of my favourite languages – in English, in German, in Russian, in French…
Just for you…
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    студентските ни години! Очаквам песни и за тях както ти писах на info@tutitam.de

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