Nimm mich zum Rummelplatz

Now it is, so far, the Spring, also here in Munich, where everything would’t start before it’s announced officially. The every year’s big event – the Frühlingsfest (“The Spring Festival”), is there. Right now it is taking place on the same huge Theresa’s field (“Theresienwiese”), where also the Oktoberfest will be held in Autumn. I could not miss the opportunity to enjoy myself into the celebrating crowds, and went there, with Leo. We both were happy to see, that the old merry-go-round is still there – quite like in the time, as Leo was still a little child, and awfully scary. Want to take a little round with us, on the Karrussel? So – you can do it – with this song of mine:

Nimm mich zum Rummelplatz

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